Rhodes and Beckett

    Where is my Rhodes & Beckett order?

    Answer: You may never see it.  


    Why is that?  Well, in short, the directors of the company sold you something they never had stock for, then took all of the money out of the company.  


    How did they do it?  
    Answer:  It's called a phoenix, it allows the directors of the company to take all of the assets out of a company and start a new one debt free.  Effectively meaning they don't owe you a thing (or investors, creditors, suppliers, landlords, etc.).


    What's the story? 
    Mark Joseph and Vincent Boulus appointed liquidators for Black Bear Holdings Pty Ltd and Black Bear Trading Pty Ltd on the 8th February 2019.
    Black Bear Trading Pty Ltd traded as Rhodes and Beckett and operated the stores and online business. In the three weeks before the appointment of liquidation Rhodes & Beckett took orders for over 350,000 AUD of merchandise.
    Before appointing liquidators to the business Mark Joseph and Vincent Boulus sold all the assets to two new entities that they formed and owned Rhodes & Beckett Trading Pty Ltd, and Rhodes & Beckett Holdings Pty Ltd were formed on the 11th January 2019 and bought all the assets of the business on the same day. No cash was paid for these assets.
    The liquidators have reported that there are zero cash balances in either of the businesses.
    Wait, wasn't there a news story where Mark Joseph said everything was okay?  Why did he do this?

    Yes, you are right!  Here is the SMH Article

    Isn't that strange????  Must be some kind of fake news?????


    What can I do about it?

    If you have placed an order with Rhodes & Beckett before the 11th January, you may wish to contact your credit card provider to make a claim for any goods you have not received, you can  also contact the liquidator of Black Bear Trading Pty Ltd:
    Nicholas Malanos


    +61 9249 1202
    If you placed an order with Rhodes & Beckett after the 11th January, you might wish to contact 

    Chief Executive Officer of Rhodes & Beckett:

    Vincent Boulus

    +61 411 414 990





    Director Mark Joseph

    +61 418 204 001

    They can also be contacted at their other businesses:

    Rental First


    02 9095 2600






    02 9095 2666  

    Both have 24-7 helpdesks.


    This should be illegal, did they steal my money?
    If you think they did, you can report Vince Boulus and Mark Joseph


    Good luck!